Hengdi brand rice sieve, a well-known brand in China, is one of fine brand series products made by Guangdong Hengfa Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. With its beautiful, stylish appearance, high-quality and affordable price, it has enjoyed popularity for 8 years as ideal presents in companies or among consumers from Europe, South and Middle Asia and the Middle East and also enjoyed a good reputation in the industries. Hengdi brand rice sieve, as our fist gift product, which by virtue of its advantages meet the high-end domestic market demands, currently chosen as presents in various gift markets. Hengdi brand rice sieve is the crystal of our relentless pursuit and high quality control. Its good reputation in the industry has become a permanent drive for Hengdi people. 

About Products:
1. designed for oriental homes, to create a convenient kitchen
2. to use international standard stainless steel, precision production, durable
3. to design originally, pot sets
4. a combination of any function to wash rice, to wash vegetables, and to knead into dough, convenient and practical
5. rice sieve + fruit and vegetable basin+ dough kneading basin 

1. According to customer requirements, made to measure design and provide promotional items and tableware gift sets.
2. beautiful packaging, advertising LOGO. 
3. Price: certainly reasonable and cost-effective!
4. Sample: available sample. Sample charge can serve as the purchase price when order is placed. 

Use and Maintenance Instructions:
① Before first use, heat and clean pots and pans with white vinegar and then rinse them with hot water, wipe dry both inside and outside before put them into use. 
② Cook with medium and small cooking fire. The flame should not exceed the bottom chassis so as not to result in a yellow and black pot. 
③ Do not immediately wash the pot with cold water in case of a lot of mist, making the cookware uneasy to clean. Warm water wash is recommended.
④ Do not wash outer surface with hard and rough material so that the surface of the pot will not nap. Sponge or scouring pad is recommended. 
⑤ Do not wash the pots with strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemical agents such as soda, bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite. 
⑥ Do not preserve high concentration acidic, alkaline and preserved foods for long. 
⑦ Protection against long or persistent dry heating